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Category: ALL (2 records) #20862D-63 -- Walworth County, Wisconsin - Tax Delinquent Real Estate - CLOSED - Ends: January 8, 2021 Starting at 10:00am Central
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- Payment Deadline Buyers must make full payment to Wisconsin Surplus no later than January 15, 2021 by 5pm or 7 days after seller approval.
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46c.jpgTax PIN#: QA406100001
-Address: First St, Darien, WI 53114 (Note: The improvements on this parcel were razed by the municipality. BEFORE BIDDING, please contact the Village of Darien at 262-882-5055 for detailed information.)
- County Mapping Site: Walworth County Land Records GIS Map -- Search using the Tax ID (if it doesn't work use the last 5 or 6 digits only)
- Municipality: Village of Darien
- County Land Records: Walworth County Tax Records
- Acres: 0.63 +/- Acre
- Zoning: Buyer needs to determine zoning information with the local Zoning Authority. Determination of applicability of local zoning, land use restrictions, potential special assessments and deferred special assessments shall be the sole responsibility of the bidder.
- Property Vacant: Walworth County does not know property occupancy status. Walworth County has taken title to the properties, but does not warranty occupancy. Property may or may not be occupied. If property is occupied - it is the buyer’s responsibility to legally remove/evict occupants using proper eviction procedures, timelines. Any and all eviction costs are the buyer’s responsibility. The property is sold AS IS, How IS, occupied or not. (Caution: Properties may be occupied and you may not be granted access by occupants). This auction does not include any personal property. If personal property remains, it is the buyer's responsibility to determine appropriate & legal disposition of personal property.
- Title Type: Quit Claim Deed
- Deed Transfer Fee: $30.00
- Title Transfer Terms: Title conveyance will be by quit claim deed and subject to recorded restrictions as provided in Wis. Stat 75.14(4), (Wisconsin Statutes 2009-2010). No abstract, title insurance, or survey will be provided by the seller. The prevailing bidder is responsible for recording fees, taxes, and special charges etc., as provided in Wis Stat. 75.521(8), (Wisconsin Statutes 2009-2010).
- Clear Title: No abstract, title insurance, or survey will be provided by the seller. The winning bidder is responsible for recording fees, taxes, special assessments and special charges etc., if any -- as provided in Wis Stat. 75.521(8), (Wisconsin Statutes 2009-2010).
- Overall Condition: The improvements on this parcel were razed by the municipality. BEFORE BIDDING, please contact the Village of Darien at 262-882-5055 for detailed information. Property is being sold "As Is". It is the bidder’s responsibility to determine condition and any defects. Bidders are strongly encouraged to make personal inspection prior to bidding. Property is subject to all easements, right-of-way, and restrictions of record, if any. Walworth County makes no representation or guarantee with respect to the use, condition, title, access or occupancy of the property. (Caution: Properties may be occupied and you may not be granted access by occupants). Buyer responsible for all current and future real estate taxes and any special assessments or charges, if any - which may be due to the local municipality. Visit the Walworth County website, of: for additional information. Register of Deeds recorded documents, Real Estate Tax Search, and the OneView interactive mapping system can be accessed by selecting “Services” from the home page. The website also includes a link to a map of each property on the Treasurer’s Department page under “Treasurer In Rem Tax Foreclosures”.
- County Contact: Walworth County Treasurer’s Office at 262-741-4251 or -- PO Box 1001, 100 W. Walworth, Elkhorn, WI 53121, Fax # 262-741-4383 -- You may call with questions 8-5pm M-F or Email anytime.
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