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Category: ALL (3 records) #20861-49 - Oak Creek Water & Sewer Utility - Oak Creek, Wisconsin - Ends: October 2, 2020 Starting at 10:00am Central
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    02c.jpg2005 GMC Sierra 2500HD Reg Cab Pickup Truck - 2WD
    • DETAILS: VIN#: 1GTHC24U15E301261 -- Miles: 42,159 -- Hours: 1,333 -- Transmission: Automatic -- Engine: 6.0L V8 -- Wheel Base: 133 -- GVWR: 9200 -- Equipment: 8' Bed, Bedliner
    • PROVIDED CONDITION(S): Drive-Away, Fair Condition, Airbag Light is On, Rust Damage on Frame under Drivers Side Door, Rust Damage on Bumper, Corrosion, Dents, Scratches, Wear and Rips in Interior, Rips on Drivers Side Seat, Headliner is Falling, Should Run and Drive as Expected, Temp Guage is Inoperable, Occasional Front End Noise, Likely Scuffs, Scratches, Dents, Dings, Stains, Rips -- Personal Inspection is Recommended
    • CONDITION DISCLAIMER: Vehicle sells in AS IS condition with any listed, not listed, known, unknown, pictured or not pictured defects. It is the bidder's full responsibility to inspect and verify condition(s). Vehicle was described by the seller to the best of their ability by non-mechanic personnel. Vehicle likely has defects - Rust, Dings, Dents, Scratches, Stains, Wear, Leaks, Holes, Dirty, etc. Bidders are strongly encouraged to inspect prior to bidding. This is a used vehicle. Placing a bid indicates you agree to this disclaimer.
    • SELLER: Oak Creek Water & Sewer Utility
    • LOCATION: 170 W Drexel Ave, Oak Creek, WI 53154
    • CONTACT: Darrin Allard at 414-570-8210 or - Inspections are highly encouraged. Please call or email with questions and to schedule appointments for inspection or pickup Monday through Friday 7:30am - 3pm -- Appointments are required, no walk-ins.
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