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    01c.jpg117' Steel Forest Fire Detection Tower to be Removed
    - ADDRESS: W3151 Ring School Rd., Ogema, WI 54459
    - DESCRIPTION: 117’ Tall Steel Forest Fire Detection Tower, including steel framing of former cab with steel roof. Base of tower is approx. 25 ft x 25 ft. on concrete footings. Cab is accessed via a foot ladder. A board has been placed along the first leg of the ladder, to deter unauthorized access. Asbestos containing building material that will require removal prior to demolition was identified on the structure. Please see attached report for details. - Click here for Asbestos Report - Tower was built in 1951. The steel is in fair to good shape. The cab has substantial fire damage. The wooden components of the cab, including the cab floor and windows were destroyed by fire.
    - ACCESS: Tower is located about 4 miles east of Ogema. Go ˝ mile south of Hwy 86 on Co Hwy C to Ring School Rd., then ˝ mile east to access road, then 1/4 miles south until you reach the tower. -- Click here for Topographical Map
    - FINAL SITE CONDITION: Concrete footings for the tower will be removed 2 feet below ground level with resulting holes backfilled. The fire tower and concrete footings must be successfully removed within the designated timeframe. Removal of the adjacent communications building is NOT the responsibility of the winning bidder. The adjacent observation tower is to remain in place. The access road and tower site will be restored to pre-project conditions. Any road improvements are the responsibility of the contractor including but not limited to grading, filling, and brushing. Road conditions may limit the timeframe of access by equipment into the tower site. If conditions deteriorate to an unacceptable amount as determined by the Department and the landowner, the work will cease until such time road conditions improve. Trees and brush or other forest products, including firewood, are NOT INCLUDED unless approved in writing by the landowner.
    - REMOVAL DEADLINE: September 1, 2021 - $10.00 Per Day Storage Fee. Applies on all items remaining after the removal date and must be paid prior to removal. Tear down structure and moving and transporting of materials will be done between June 4th – September 1st. Work beyond this timeframe may be approved only in writing, if agreed to by the Department and the Price County Forest. Some cutting of trees and brush, as agreed to with prior Department and property owner permission, to facilitate removal of the fire tower, may be allowed. All debris and solid waste caused or generated by the removal of the structure shall be disposed of in a manner that is satisfactory to the Department and landowner.
    - REQUIREMENTS: Independent contractor readily equipped with tools and equipment, including personal protective equipment, to safely remove steel structure fire tower and restore site. Contractor must meet terms and conditions as specified in awarded bid agreement. Click here for Bid Conditions -- Liability Insurance: The winning bidder shall procure and shall maintain during the life of this contract the following insurance: Contractor’s Public Liability Insurance in the amount of not less than $250,000 for injuries, including accidental death, to any one person, and subject to the same limit for each person, in an amount not less than $500,000 on account of one accident; Contractor’s Property Damage Insurance in the amount of not less than $100,000 or a combined single limit of at least $500,000. Comprehensive Automobile Liability Insurance for limits of not less than: bodily injury $250,000/$500,000; property damage $100,000 or a combined single limit of at least $500,000. The insurance provided under this article shall provide the indicated coverage for the Contractor and his/her subcontractors. This policy shall also include additional named insured parties, specifically, 1) the State of Wisconsin Department of Natural Resources and its employees; and 2.) Price County Forest and its employees. The winning bidder shall furnish the DNR with a certificate of insurance listing the additional insureds prior to commencing work. Click here for Insurance Requirements
    - TERMS: $1000.00 performance bond, to be remitted to the DNR property manager prior to commencement of the project. The bond shall be released upon satisfactory inspection of the site by the Department after removal of the tower and footings, and restoration of the site to pre-project conditions. The successful Bidder shall meet with the Department property manager prior to commencement of the fire tower project to ensure that the terms of the project are discussed and understood, to sign the bid conditions, and to provide the performance bond and proof of liability insurance, unless previously provided. Only the successful bidder can climb the tower, after providing proof of liability insurance and performance bond to the Department.
    - CONTACT: Rich Windmoeller at (715) 492-2176 or - - Inspections are highly encouraged. Please call or email with questions and to schedule appointments for inspection or pickup - Contact for an appointment - Appointments are required, no walk-ins.
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